Claverack NY Speeding Ticket Lawyer

According to Wikipedia, Claverack's name comes from a corruption of the Dutch word for "Clover Fields" or "Clover Reach" - but doesn't say which or what the Dutch word is. Claverack is located in Columbia County and, like most Columbia County courts, may require a personal appearance for New York speeding tickets and other traffic matters there. If you cannot appear yourself or would prefer an attorney represent you in a traffic case in Claverack, attorney Randall Kehoe may be able to help. We represent clients charged with: Speed in Zone (1180), Suspended License (failure to answer summons/pay fine, etc), Cell Phone tickets (OP-Mobile Phone / Electronic Device, 1225c MISC VIOL), Texting/Distracted Driving, 1144A ("Move Over" law), Unlicensed/Aggravated Unlicensed Operator, Failure to Yield, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, School Bus, School Zone, Red Light, Stop Sign, Disobey Traffic Device (1110A), Window tint, uninspected, unregistered, etc. Our office receives many, many traffic ticket requests, so please call earlier than later so we can get you on the calendar. Mr. Kehoe charges a flat fee of $295.00 for most cases in this Court, but please call or submit an online inquiry to discuss the details of your case with the Claverack traffic lawyer or member of our staff as every one is different. Calls and emails are also monitored after hours and during weekends.

Columbia County DWI Defense

DWI is a serious charge with very high stakes, especially with Leandra's laws and the mandatory installation of alcohol-sensing devices in the vehicles of those convicted. These cases should be handled with extreme care by an attorney experienced in this area of law. Attorney Randall Kehoe is not only familiar with state DWI law but is also versed in local DWI policy and has experience handling thousands of cases in Capital Area and Hudson Valley courts including the Claverack Town Court and other courts in Columbia County. If you or someone you know have been charged with DWI, feel free to call our office, submit an email inquiry using the "Get Started Now" form, or speak with someone from our office via Live Chat Support below. Attorney Randall Kehoe offers reasonable legal fee for DWI cases and consultations are free of charge.

Attorneys and law firms seeking of Counsel in the Claverack Town Court or other court in Columbia County, New York are invited to contact our office with details of your request.

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